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Nov 26, 2012 5:00pm PST
ran for a touchdown as well. 40 niner defense was equally stellar. they ran a couple of balls back for touchdowns by the interception. 3121 and today harbaugh everybody said capper neck, smith power you feeling today coach. >> in a unique situation yet to quarterback playing at a very high level. one injured capt. one is your starting quarterback and the other has played a great football the last three games. both had a hot hand. it is unique. the biggest reason is so our players aren't pressured to who is it? everyone at hammering them for information. i think in my mind that is the direction we will go. >> if the coach is doing a just and maybe make alex smith feel a little better, ok. if he is doing it because he wants to see rob fladeboe leave the 530 news that's all right, injured the media around a little bit. he knows who's starting sunday against their rams. i'm gonna say this wartime, the 49ers are winning. when you are the king can you act like the king. >> he knows what it feels like to be the game >> i always i have a little fun with people. when you are the keying you
Nov 20, 2012 5:00pm PST
one of the best defense everything it did--was awesome -- jim harbaugh was how fired up and everybody has their feelings. they want to give the job back to smell when he gets clear from his concussion. the back-to smith -- >> and also, we usually tend to go with the guy that has the hot hand. we now have two quarterbacks that both have hot pants. >> he is the man! i think that he did a great job. they both have-hot hands-it was like it, pretty pass. >> i wanted to show that i could also be a star. >> there is no controversy. >> no there is nothing that you could dig for to be more i am not covering up or hiding anything. >> harbaugh did not speak the sound byte from last evening he is expected to hold a spec press conference. and a lot of sentiment say that if smith is ready, there will probably go with them sunday in the new orleans. when we come back, the community college coach with the most victories. his 800th victory, san jose percy .. are you interested in that job?, 800 victories! the king coach. uz [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow, you guys have it easy. i wish i had u-ver
Nov 28, 2012 5:00pm PST
conviction is being thrown out. but rules see if he is the left of the lions defensive ctackle has been fined for a $30,000 check every time you see this kick.. and his reputation carries a lot of weight. he has been voted the dirtiest player for two years in a row. no suspension but he says that he does not mean it. >> in is a crazy play. it is one that unfortunately happened i did not even realize until i watched it on twitter. other than that, you cannot do much about it and my foot hit the man. >> it sounds like a frame from where i have set. >> and our great floor director says that the double clutched the fort. >> intentional? >> and we are going to move on it with the n f l players whole but viagra? >> some guys. they will do whatever they can to get in and i will even inhered some crazy stories of people using viagra. seriously because of the blood. and some crazy stuff. >> we are going to leave that alone. stuff that i do not need. >> six days apart, stanford, a rematch, david shaw ucla on friday night. the winner will go back to the rose bowl. stanford has not had a rules will
Nov 27, 2012 5:00pm PST
to defense apartment policy that restricts women from some combat positions. the aclu filed their lawsuit today on behalf of four female service members. they want to overturn the policy. they say they are being prevented from going after leadership positions and the policy makes it harder for them to do their jobs. they're calling the policy unconstitutional. attorney-general eric holder will be forced to hand over doc events related to be done related scescheme. two days before he was said to take office mexico's president-elect if he was being welcome to washington today by house minority leaders and nancy pelosi. and read a year rose was talking about job creation strengthening borders and fighting organized crime. he met with president obama. he will take office next month. >> stormy weather making its way to the bay area. this is actually a live picture from our camera up and it is so dark because of all the clouds. or clouds or whatever you want to call it. nonetheless storms are coming our way. what is ahead for us? >> storms, plural. lots of brains and store for us for th
Nov 22, 2012 5:00pm PST
turnovers, letting the 9ers defense win games? it's a tough spot for smith to be in. he said you've got to support your teammates. we're not playing tennis or golf where it's an individual -- >> i read that interview. >> smith is saying all the right things. harbaugh isn't saying much, but it appears -- >> kaepernick will be -- >> kaepernick getting a loud dome on sunday. >> 49ers cup runeth over. the thanksgiving holiday, pretty nice this afternoon. we'll see more nice weather into the weekend. clear skies, mild conditions tomorrow in the upper 60s. warming into the 70s for saturday. cooling down into sunday, but still not bad with temperatures mainly running in the upper 60s over the next few days. the downside is chilly mornings. we see temperatures widely in the 40s tomorrow morning, but we do have the clear skies thanks to high pressure setting up over california in the storm track to the north and enjoy this for the next several days. chilly to start the day. temperatures in the 40s, but we're going to warm quickly into the 60s by noon. nearly everywhere in the 60s and even th
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5